[EEDL] LightOfHeaveN vs ComeWit

Date:29/05/2010 20:42
Patch version:1.24
Map:DotA Allstars 6.67b
Game name:[EEDL] LightOfHeaveN vs ComeWit
Game mode:-ap
Host name:
Replay saver:
Game length:25:55
Observers:SP|Sn4K3y, Planet-X|CH1ef
Player Name : dignitas.Aidar), vigoss, AmsiOverEB, DTS)Light, Nv^Azen, Tribal.BadrHari, ComeWithMe_, tribal.bane, not_DJRASTA_BG, diXi^FragGy.tr

dignitas.Aidar)13Top7322Power Treads, Quarterstaff, Urn of Shadows, Empty Bottle, Flying Courier, Magic Stick
vigoss13Jungle8670Dagon 1, Phase Boots, Bracer, Bracer, Observer Wards, Magic Stick
AmsiOverEB12Top7038Kelen's Dagger, Point Booster, Soul Ring, Empty Bottle, Boots of Speed, Null Talisman
DTS)Light14Bot9220Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse, Phase Boots, Magic Wand, Null Talisman, Scroll of Town Portal, Scroll of Town Portal
Nv^Azen14Mid9284Eul's Scepter of Divinity, Kelen's Dagger, Phase Boots, Empty Bottle, Magic Wand, Null Talisman
Tribal.BadrHari8Top3330Empty Bottle, Boots of Speed, Wraith Band, Wraith Band, Wraith Band, Scroll of Town Portal
ComeWithMe_13Bot7774Mithril Hammer, Power Treads, Ogre Axe, Empty Bottle, Bracer, Magic Wand
tribal.bane11Top3615Power Treads, Bracer, Magic Wand, Observer Wards, Scroll of Town Portal, Scroll of Town Portal
not_DJRASTA_BG11Mid3636Phase Boots, Empty Bottle, Magic Wand, Circlet of Nobility, Circlet of Nobility, Scroll of Town Portal
diXi^FragGy.tr9Bot2171Flying Courier, Animal Courier, Observer Wards, Observer Wards, Magic Stick, Scroll of Town Portal

Detailed report for dignitas.Aidar):

Skill build:
1.Magic Missile-1:25
2.Wave of Terror1:36
3.Magic Missile3:55
4.Wave of Terror5:42
5.Magic Missile7:42
6.Nether Swap9:28
7.Magic Missile10:55
8.Wave of Terror13:49
9.Wave of Terror15:05
10.Command Aura16:19
11.Nether Swap19:41
12.Command Aura22:13
13.Attribute Bonus22:57

Item build:
Animal Courier-1:19200 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:1390 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:1190 gold
Clarity Potion-1:1150 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1053 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:0953 gold
Empty Bottle2:03600 gold
Flying Courier2:46200 gold
Boots of Speed6:22500 gold
Magic Stick7:02200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal8:32135 gold
Gloves of Haste11:53500 gold
Belt of Giant Strength11:56450 gold
Observer Wards11:59200 gold
Gauntlets of Strength17:02150 gold
Gauntlets of Strength17:04150 gold
Sobi Mask17:05325 gold
Urn of Shadows17:06250 gold
Quarterstaff17:15900 gold

Detailed report for vigoss:

Skill build:
1.Light Strike Array-1:45
2.Dragon Slave1:48
3.Dragon Slave2:55
4.Light Strike Array4:55
5.Dragon Slave6:37
6.Laguna Blade8:58
7.Dragon Slave11:18
8.Light Strike Array12:39
9.Light Strike Array14:16
10.Fiery Soul16:02
11.Laguna Blade19:26
12.Fiery Soul21:56
13.Fiery Soul22:27

Item build:
Observer Wards-1:21200 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1953 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:1890 gold
Healing Salve-1:18100 gold
Clarity Potion-1:1850 gold
Scroll of Town Portal2:14135 gold
Boots of Speed3:58500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal3:59135 gold
Healing Salve4:01100 gold
Clarity Potion4:0150 gold
Ironwood Branch6:1053 gold
Magic Stick6:11200 gold
Magic Wand6:13150 gold
Scroll of Town Portal6:14135 gold
Circlet of Nobility6:15185 gold
Healing Salve6:15100 gold
Clarity Potion6:1750 gold
Bracer7:55175 gold
Gauntlets of Strength7:56150 gold
Circlet of Nobility7:57185 gold
Scroll of Town Portal7:58135 gold
Healing Salve7:58100 gold
Scroll of Town Portal8:38135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal9:42135 gold
Healing Salve10:57100 gold
Bracer11:26175 gold
Gauntlets of Strength11:45150 gold
Scroll of Town Portal13:45135 gold
Blades of Attack13:47450 gold
Blades of Attack14:22450 gold
Scroll of Town Portal16:52135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal17:19135 gold
Staff of Wizardry18:451000 gold
Scroll of Town Portal21:17135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal21:19135 gold
Dagon22:151300 gold
Blades of Attack22:50450 gold
Scroll of Town Portal23:06135 gold

Detailed report for AmsiOverEB:

Skill build:
4.Enchant Totem5:23
6.Echo Slam9:50
11.Echo Slam19:36
12.Enchant Totem22:40

Item build:
Clarity Potion-1:4250 gold
Clarity Potion-1:4150 gold
Circlet of Nobility-1:39185 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:3853 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:3690 gold
Healing Salve-1:36100 gold
Scroll of Town Portal3:29135 gold
Clarity Potion3:3150 gold
Empty Bottle6:17600 gold
Scroll of Town Portal7:55135 gold
Boots of Speed9:23500 gold
Sobi Mask11:48325 gold
Scroll of Town Portal11:49135 gold
Ring of Regeneration13:13350 gold
Soul Ring13:16125 gold
Mantle of Intelligence13:19150 gold
Null Talisman13:21150 gold
Kelen's Dagger19:402150 gold
Scroll of Town Portal21:56135 gold
Point Booster22:541200 gold

Detailed report for DTS)Light:

Skill build:
1.Attribute Bonus0:32
2.Shadow Word1:27
3.Shadow Word1:55
4.Attribute Bonus3:08
5.Shadow Word4:15
6.Rain of Chaos5:08
7.Shadow Word7:11
8.Fatal Bonds7:58
9.Fatal Bonds10:46
10.Fatal Bonds14:12
11.Rain of Chaos17:24
12.Fatal Bonds19:37
13.Attribute Bonus22:23
14.Attribute Bonus23:37

Item build:
Ironwood Branch-1:4353 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:4253 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:3953 gold
Magic Stick-1:35200 gold
Healing Salve-1:34100 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:3390 gold
Boots of Speed4:24500 gold
Blades of Attack5:33450 gold
Magic Wand7:35150 gold
Blades of Attack7:36450 gold
Scroll of Town Portal7:38135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal9:51135 gold
Circlet of Nobility9:54185 gold
Mantle of Intelligence9:55150 gold
Null Talisman9:56150 gold
Ultimate Orb14:292100 gold
Scroll of Town Portal15:45135 gold
Void Stone18:25875 gold
Mystic Staff22:562700 gold
Detailed report for Nv^Azen:

Skill build:
13.Attribute Bonus17:42
14.Focus Fire23:04

Item build:
Mantle of Intelligence-1:41150 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:4153 gold
Mantle of Intelligence-1:40150 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:4053 gold
Healing Salve-1:39100 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:3890 gold
Empty Bottle2:50600 gold
Boots of Speed5:48500 gold
Blades of Attack5:50450 gold
Blades of Attack5:51450 gold
Magic Wand11:28150 gold
Ironwood Branch11:2953 gold
Magic Stick11:30200 gold
Kelen's Dagger11:322150 gold
Null Talisman13:40150 gold
Circlet of Nobility13:42185 gold
Scroll of Town Portal13:44135 gold
Void Stone14:50875 gold
Staff of Wizardry19:401000 gold
Sobi Mask19:41325 gold
Eul's Scepter of Divinity19:42600 gold

Detailed report for Tribal.BadrHari:

Skill build:
4.Elune's Arrow4:48
6.Elune's Arrow10:17
8.Elune's Arrow18:16

Item build:
Slippers of Agility-1:14150 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1353 gold
Slippers of Agility-1:11150 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1153 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:1090 gold
Healing Salve-1:09100 gold
Scroll of Town Portal1:38135 gold
Empty Bottle3:54600 gold
Boots of Speed5:39500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal9:18135 gold
Circlet of Nobility11:05185 gold
Wraith Band11:06125 gold
Scroll of Town Portal11:07135 gold
Circlet of Nobility11:13185 gold
Wraith Band13:53125 gold
Circlet of Nobility15:22185 gold
Slippers of Agility17:37150 gold
Wraith Band18:44125 gold
Scroll of Town Portal18:53135 gold

Detailed report for ComeWithMe_:

Skill build:
9.Requiem of Souls11:42
10.Presence of the Dark Lord15:03
11.Requiem of Souls18:19
12.Presence of the Dark Lord19:59
13.Presence of the Dark Lord21:09

Item build:
Ancient Tango of Essifation-0:4890 gold
Healing Salve-0:48100 gold
Circlet of Nobility-0:48185 gold
Ironwood Branch-0:4753 gold
Ironwood Branch-0:4753 gold
Boots of Speed2:43500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal3:10135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal5:24135 gold
Clarity Potion5:2450 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation5:2990 gold
Scroll of Town Portal6:54135 gold
Belt of Giant Strength8:34450 gold
Gloves of Haste11:07500 gold
Ogre Axe11:081000 gold
Magic Stick11:10200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal11:13135 gold
Ironwood Branch13:0853 gold
Magic Wand13:08150 gold
Scroll of Town Portal13:11135 gold
Gauntlets of Strength13:12150 gold
Scroll of Town Portal14:46135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal16:09135 gold
Bracer16:19175 gold
Empty Bottle17:00600 gold
Scroll of Town Portal18:15135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal18:17135 gold
Mithril Hammer21:161600 gold

Detailed report for tribal.bane:

Skill build:
2.Anchor Smash1:52
4.Anchor Smash4:18
8.Anchor Smash13:14
9.Anchor Smash15:05
10.Attribute Bonus16:25

Item build:
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:5290 gold
Healing Salve-1:51100 gold
Healing Salve-1:50100 gold
Magic Stick-1:48200 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:4653 gold
Boots of Speed5:35500 gold
Ironwood Branch8:4253 gold
Magic Wand8:43150 gold
Scroll of Town Portal8:44135 gold
Ironwood Branch8:4953 gold
Scroll of Town Portal9:52135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal11:48135 gold
Belt of Giant Strength14:26450 gold
Gloves of Haste16:59500 gold
Circlet of Nobility17:03185 gold
Gauntlets of Strength17:03150 gold
Bracer17:05175 gold
Scroll of Town Portal17:13135 gold
Observer Wards21:26200 gold
Detailed report for not_DJRASTA_BG:

Skill build:
10.Attribute Bonus21:13

Item build:
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:5290 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:5153 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:5053 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:4953 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:4790 gold
Healing Salve2:07100 gold
Empty Bottle4:11600 gold
Scroll of Town Portal9:30135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal11:11135 gold
Boots of Speed13:02500 gold
Magic Stick17:05200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal17:09135 gold
Magic Wand17:11150 gold
Circlet of Nobility19:49185 gold
Circlet of Nobility19:57185 gold
Blades of Attack20:43450 gold
Blades of Attack22:07450 gold
Detailed report for diXi^FragGy.tr:

Skill build:
2.Brilliance Aura2:01
3.Brilliance Aura6:20
4.Crystal Nova9:12
5.Brilliance Aura9:32
6.Crystal Nova10:14
7.Brilliance Aura13:42
8.Freezing Field16:40
9.Crystal Nova17:59

Item build:
Animal Courier-1:02200 gold
Observer Wards-0:38200 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-0:3690 gold
Healing Salve-0:34100 gold
Animal Courier2:48200 gold
Flying Courier4:21200 gold
Observer Wards9:05200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal9:35135 gold
Clarity Potion9:3650 gold
Scroll of Town Portal11:09135 gold
Healing Salve11:19100 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation11:2090 gold
Magic Stick13:33200 gold