GosuGamers(GGnet) vs Meet Your Makers(MYM) - PL XIV

Date:28/01/2011 04:21
Patch version:1.24
Map:DotA 6.69b
Game name:![Dota-League] PL: MYM vs GGnet
Game mode:-cm
Host name:Waaagh!TV
Replay saver:GosuGamers
Game length:1:02:38
Game score:17/28
Observers:GosuGamers, WTV
GGnet.KuroKy194/5151/28522Kelen's Dagger, Ultimate Orb, Power Treads, Magic Wand, Null Talisman, Scroll of Town Portal93End
GGnet.Pajkatt202/3259/3312727Ultimate Orb, Hood of Defiance, Power Treads, Plate Mail, Helm of Iron Will, Magic Wand111End
GGnet.Puppey140/961/15255Power Treads, Bracer, Bracer, Magic Wand, Observer Wards, Sentry Wards84End
GGnet.Miracle179/545/47685Mekansm, Power Treads, Planeswalker's Cloak, Magic Stick, Observer Wards, Dust of Appearance139End
GGnet.AZEN201/6292/710981Manta Style, Ultimate Orb, Power Treads, Magic Wand, Ring of Basilius, Scroll of Town Portal74End
MYM.Razer.Maelk183/3129/416762Necronomicon 3, Khadgar's Pipe of Insight, Mekansm, Power Treads, Gem of True Sight, Flying Courier126End
MYM.Razer.MaNia163/483/911148Aghanim's Scepter, Kelen's Dagger, Arcane Boots, Planeswalker's Cloak, Observer Wards, Observer Wards114End
MYM.Razer.Missy248/3300/3125582Eye of Skadi, Linken's Sphere, Ethereal Blade, Eaglehorn, Power Treads, Ring of Basilius99End
MYM.Razer.DeMoN185/444/911339Dagon 2, Kelen's Dagger, Power Treads, Planeswalker's Cloak, Magic Stick, Sentry Wards108End
MYM.Razer.LCPRO238/3172/121140The Butterfly, Black King Bar, Demon Edge, Kelen's Dagger, Power Treads, Soul Ring143End

Detailed report for GGnet.Puppey:
Skill build:
1.Magic Missile0:36
2.Wave of Terror1:48
3.Wave of Terror3:13
4.Command Aura5:35
5.Wave of Terror8:26
6.Nether Swap11:52
7.Wave of Terror13:21
8.Command Aura15:43
9.Command Aura22:57
10.Command Aura26:18
11.Nether Swap29:25
12.Attribute Bonus34:01
13.Magic Missile37:53
14.Magic Missile43:18
Item build:
Observer Wards-1:25200 gold
Sentry Wards-1:25200 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:2253 gold
Clarity Potion-1:2050 gold
Healing Salve-1:18100 gold
Flying Courier5:06200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal5:13135 gold
Boots of Speed5:14500 gold
Dust of Appearance7:54180 gold
Magic Stick9:19200 gold
Observer Wards10:42200 gold
Ironwood Branch13:5153 gold
Ironwood Branch13:5253 gold
Magic Wand13:53150 gold
Belt of Giant Strength13:59450 gold
Gloves of Haste21:32500 gold
Gauntlets of Strength26:51150 gold
Bracer26:53190 gold
Circlet of Nobility26:54185 gold
Gauntlets of Strength27:48150 gold
Circlet of Nobility28:44185 gold
Bracer29:27190 gold
Observer Wards31:15200 gold
Sentry Wards34:29200 gold
Gauntlets of Strength36:13150 gold
Observer Wards37:49200 gold

Detailed report for GGnet.Pajkatt:
Skill build:
Item build:
Circlet of Nobility-1:07185 gold
Mantle of Intelligence-1:07150 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:0753 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:0653 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:0553 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:0490 gold
Null Talisman5:38170 gold
Boots of Speed5:39500 gold
Gloves of Haste5:39500 gold
Belt of Giant Strength5:40450 gold
Magic Stick5:43200 gold
Magic Wand5:44150 gold
Planeswalker's Cloak7:11500 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation7:5290 gold
Scroll of Town Portal7:53135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal10:22135 gold
Ring of Regeneration12:12350 gold
Ring of Regeneration12:13350 gold
Helm of Iron Will12:14950 gold
Scroll of Town Portal12:15135 gold
Ring of Health15:43875 gold
Ultimate Orb21:192100 gold
Scroll of Town Portal21:19135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal25:58135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal26:25135 gold
Plate Mail46:451400 gold

Detailed report for GGnet.Miracle:
Skill build:
1.Soul Assumption-1:27
2.Grave Chill1:11
3.Soul Assumption2:48
4.Gravekeeper's Cloak4:25
5.Soul Assumption6:19
7.Soul Assumption10:18
8.Gravekeeper's Cloak13:22
9.Gravekeeper's Cloak18:43
10.Gravekeeper's Cloak20:41
12.Grave Chill26:44
13.Grave Chill29:43
14.Grave Chill32:04
15.Attribute Bonus38:04
17.Attribute Bonus45:24
Item build:
Animal Courier-1:25170 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:2290 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:1790 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1553 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:0953 gold
Clarity Potion-1:0850 gold
Boots of Speed1:28500 gold
Animal Courier4:49170 gold
Scroll of Town Portal5:22135 gold
Magic Stick5:22200 gold
Magic Wand7:56150 gold
Dust of Appearance7:58180 gold
Scroll of Town Portal7:59135 gold
Belt of Giant Strength14:06450 gold
Planeswalker's Cloak17:09500 gold
Gloves of Haste19:52500 gold
Observer Wards21:29200 gold
Chainmail26:36550 gold
Ironwood Branch26:3753 gold
Nathrezim Buckler26:39200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal26:41135 gold
Dust of Appearance26:42180 gold
Ring of Regeneration33:59350 gold
Ironwood Branch34:0153 gold
Headdress of Rejuvenation34:03200 gold
Mekansm34:04900 gold
Dust of Appearance34:06180 gold

Detailed report for GGnet.AZEN:
Skill build:
1.Mystic Snake0:41
2.Attribute Bonus1:26
3.Mystic Snake2:48
4.Mana Shield4:30
5.Mystic Snake8:02
6.Stone Gaze9:09
7.Mystic Snake9:34
8.Mana Shield12:35
9.Mana Shield15:04
10.Mana Shield17:16
11.Stone Gaze20:20
12.Attribute Bonus23:04
16.Stone Gaze36:58
18.Attribute Bonus39:09
19.Attribute Bonus41:24
20.Attribute Bonus42:53
Item build:
Ring of Protection-1:19175 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1853 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1753 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1753 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:1690 gold
Sobi Mask1:28325 gold
Boots of Speed5:30500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal5:33135 gold
Gloves of Haste8:50500 gold
Belt of Giant Strength8:51450 gold
Scroll of Town Portal8:53135 gold
Magic Stick11:34200 gold
Ironwood Branch11:3753 gold
Magic Wand11:39150 gold
Ultimate Orb18:492100 gold
Scroll of Town Portal23:08135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal26:26135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal30:13135 gold
Blade of Alacrity31:271000 gold
Boots of Elvenskin31:27450 gold
Yasha31:29700 gold
Manta Style32:09650 gold
Scroll of Town Portal34:17135 gold
Ultimate Orb37:582100 gold
Scroll of Town Portal37:59135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal38:01135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal44:25135 gold

Detailed report for GGnet.KuroKy:
Skill build:
1.Illusory Orb-1:23
2.Phase Shift3:15
3.Illusory Orb5:48
4.Waning Rift6:36
5.Illusory Orb7:36
6.Dream Coil8:18
7.Illusory Orb8:18
8.Waning Rift12:05
9.Waning Rift14:27
10.Waning Rift18:03
11.Dream Coil20:46
12.Phase Shift23:00
13.Phase Shift24:53
14.Phase Shift26:14
15.Attribute Bonus28:09
16.Dream Coil31:14
17.Attribute Bonus37:41
18.Attribute Bonus37:55
19.Attribute Bonus43:39
Item build:
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:1290 gold
Healing Salve-1:12100 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1153 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1053 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:0790 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:0553 gold
Mantle of Intelligence-1:03150 gold
Boots of Speed6:03500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal6:10135 gold
Magic Stick8:53200 gold
Magic Wand8:54150 gold
Scroll of Town Portal8:56135 gold
Circlet of Nobility9:00185 gold
Null Talisman11:37170 gold
Scroll of Town Portal11:38135 gold
Gloves of Haste13:49500 gold
Robe of the Magi13:55450 gold
Scroll of Town Portal16:59135 gold
Kelen's Dagger21:402150 gold
Scroll of Town Portal22:22135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal23:51135 gold
Ultimate Orb26:342100 gold
Scroll of Town Portal31:40135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal44:55135 gold

Detailed report for MYM.Razer.Maelk:
Skill build:
2.Force of Nature2:14
3.Force of Nature3:52
5.Force of Nature7:44
6.Wrath of Nature9:06
7.Force of Nature11:07
11.Wrath of Nature22:01
15.Attribute Bonus36:32
16.Wrath of Nature39:54
17.Attribute Bonus44:02
18.Attribute Bonus46:28
Item build:
Animal Courier-1:12170 gold
Flying Courier-1:09200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal0:03135 gold
Ironwood Branch0:0553 gold
Clarity Potion0:0650 gold
Boots of Speed7:29500 gold
Belt of Giant Strength7:31450 gold
Gloves of Haste9:33500 gold
Staff of Wizardry11:571000 gold
Belt of Giant Strength14:35450 gold
Necronomicon17:261250 gold
Dust of Appearance17:27180 gold
Necronomicon21:551250 gold
Necronomicon25:511250 gold
Planeswalker's Cloak26:58500 gold
Ring of Health34:27875 gold
Ring of Regeneration35:07350 gold
Ring of Regeneration35:08350 gold
Observer Wards35:19200 gold
Ironwood Branch37:4953 gold
Ring of Regeneration37:50350 gold
Headdress of Rejuvenation37:52200 gold
Khadgar's Pipe of Insight38:521000 gold
Scroll of Town Portal40:10135 gold
Gem of True Sight40:26700 gold
Observer Wards41:13200 gold
Ironwood Branch41:1853 gold
Ring of Regeneration43:21350 gold
Headdress of Rejuvenation43:23200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal43:24135 gold
Chainmail45:43550 gold
Ironwood Branch45:4453 gold
Nathrezim Buckler45:46200 gold
Mekansm45:46900 gold

Detailed report for MYM.Razer.DeMoN:
Skill build:
6.Finger of Death6:00
10.Attribute Bonus16:38
11.Finger of Death20:40
12.Mana Drain24:34
13.Mana Drain25:03
14.Mana Drain29:25
15.Mana Drain32:51
16.Finger of Death34:55
17.Attribute Bonus43:40
18.Attribute Bonus45:33
Item build:
Mantle of Intelligence-1:25150 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:2553 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:2453 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:2390 gold
Healing Salve-1:22100 gold
Healing Salve-1:21100 gold
Boots of Speed3:00500 gold
Gloves of Haste7:38500 gold
Robe of the Magi7:46450 gold
Scroll of Town Portal12:41135 gold
Kelen's Dagger16:392150 gold
Magic Wand16:45150 gold
Magic Stick16:45200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal18:59135 gold
Staff of Wizardry26:321000 gold
Circlet of Nobility26:36185 gold
Null Talisman26:37170 gold
Scroll of Town Portal26:43135 gold
Dagon31:001300 gold
Scroll of Town Portal31:12135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal34:58135 gold
Sentry Wards35:00200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal35:02135 gold
Sentry Wards38:03200 gold
Healing Salve38:51100 gold
Scroll of Town Portal43:36135 gold
Planeswalker's Cloak43:38500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal43:46135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal45:56135 gold
Healing Salve46:07100 gold
Dagon46:561300 gold

Detailed report for MYM.Razer.MaNia:
Skill build:
4.Enchant Totem4:59
6.Echo Slam9:23
11.Echo Slam22:37
12.Attribute Bonus24:42
13.Enchant Totem33:26
14.Enchant Totem36:22
15.Attribute Bonus39:12
16.Echo Slam43:33
Item build:
Observer Wards-1:06200 gold
Clarity Potion-1:0450 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:0190 gold
Ironwood Branch-0:5453 gold
Ironwood Branch-0:5353 gold
Boots of Speed5:44500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal5:45135 gold
Observer Wards7:46200 gold
Energy Booster11:361000 gold
Scroll of Town Portal11:56135 gold
Healing Salve13:07100 gold
Observer Wards15:20200 gold
Kelen's Dagger20:112150 gold
Scroll of Town Portal22:06135 gold
Observer Wards22:53200 gold
Observer Wards22:55200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal26:16135 gold
Point Booster26:421200 gold
Planeswalker's Cloak31:25500 gold
Observer Wards31:48200 gold
Ogre Axe35:061000 gold
Staff of Wizardry37:541000 gold
Blade of Alacrity45:151000 gold

Detailed report for MYM.Razer.LCPRO:
Skill build:
1.Spin Web-1:23
2.Spawn Spiderlings1:54
3.Spawn Spiderlings2:14
4.Spin Web2:52
5.Spawn Spiderlings4:08
6.Insatiable Hunger5:12
7.Spawn Spiderlings6:00
8.Spin Web7:52
9.Spin Web11:06
10.Incapacitating Bite13:03
11.Insatiable Hunger14:50
12.Incapacitating Bite17:51
13.Incapacitating Bite20:28
14.Incapacitating Bite22:48
15.Attribute Bonus24:31
16.Insatiable Hunger25:45
17.Attribute Bonus29:15
18.Attribute Bonus32:52
19.Attribute Bonus36:09
20.Attribute Bonus36:57
21.Attribute Bonus40:39
22.Attribute Bonus43:17
23.Attribute Bonus46:05
Item build:
Ironwood Branch-1:2053 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1853 gold
Stout Shield-1:03250 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:0190 gold
Healing Salve-0:59100 gold
Ironwood Branch-0:5853 gold
Ring of Regeneration3:00350 gold
Soul Ring3:53125 gold
Sobi Mask4:23325 gold
Boots of Speed6:34500 gold
Magic Stick6:35200 gold
Ironwood Branch8:4153 gold
Magic Wand8:42150 gold
Scroll of Town Portal8:43135 gold
Belt of Giant Strength10:16450 gold
Gloves of Haste11:28500 gold
Mithril Hammer15:111600 gold
Ogre Axe17:101000 gold
Black King Bar19:451300 gold
Scroll of Town Portal22:27135 gold
Kelen's Dagger25:552150 gold
Scroll of Town Portal25:58135 gold
Eaglehorn28:353300 gold
Quarterstaff30:49900 gold
Scroll of Town Portal30:51135 gold
Talisman of Evasion33:411800 gold
Demon Edge40:242400 gold
Scroll of Town Portal46:45135 gold

Detailed report for MYM.Razer.Missy:
Skill build:
4.Attribute Bonus3:07
6.Adaptive Strike6:56
9.Adaptive Strike11:54
10.Adaptive Strike13:28
11.Adaptive Strike15:11
17.Attribute Bonus30:34
18.Attribute Bonus33:18
19.Attribute Bonus35:00
20.Attribute Bonus36:56
21.Attribute Bonus41:04
22.Attribute Bonus44:31
23.Attribute Bonus45:29
24.Attribute Bonus46:22
Item build:
Ironwood Branch-0:5753 gold
Ironwood Branch-0:5653 gold
Ring of Protection-0:54175 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-0:5290 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-0:5190 gold
Ironwood Branch-0:5053 gold
Sobi Mask1:39325 gold
Ring of Health5:36875 gold
Void Stone5:36875 gold
Boots of Speed6:59500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal7:01135 gold
Gloves of Haste9:12500 gold
Boots of Elvenskin9:12450 gold
Scroll of Town Portal9:13135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal10:59135 gold
Ultimate Orb12:502100 gold
Scroll of Town Portal13:58135 gold
Linken's Sphere15:091325 gold
Scroll of Town Portal15:10135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal17:55135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal18:57135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal23:36135 gold
Eaglehorn26:133300 gold
Scroll of Town Portal27:50135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal29:11135 gold
Ghost Scepter29:131600 gold
Scroll of Town Portal30:57135 gold
Ultimate Orb34:432100 gold
Point Booster35:211200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal38:37135 gold
Ultimate Orb41:072100 gold
Orb of Venom41:25550 gold
Eaglehorn45:393300 gold