Sunny vs China DK (Lunar Cup)

Date:25/01/2011 00:59
Patch version:1.24
Map:DotA 6.70b
Game name:VS Host By kabuda_ Lv 1
Game mode:-cm
Host name:Sunny.kabu
Replay saver:NEOTV_HESUI
Game length:55:19
Game score:24/29
Sunny.seaking14Jungle2/445/28374Kelen's Dagger, Power Treads, Ogre Axe, Soul Ring, Gem of True Sight, Bracer14641:55
Sunny.kabu14Jungle5/1061/19970Sange, Power Treads, Bracer, Bracer, Observer Wards, Flying Courier86End
Sunny.Qucci21Mid7/4200/412557Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse, Dagon 1, Power Treads, Empty Bottle, Magic Stick, Magic Wand14541:54
Sunny_XB18Bot2/4171/2613374Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse, Force Staff, Phase Boots, Ring of Health, Gem of True Sight, Magic Wand8942:05
Sunny.haAaDes15Top8/733/28528Mekansm, Power Treads, Helm of Iron Will, Planeswalker's Cloak, Magic Wand, Ring of Basilius19541:55
DK^ReBorn.14Jungle6/614/310822Ancient Janggo of Endurance, Power Treads, Urn of Shadows, Planeswalker's Cloak, Magic Wand, Flying Courier129End
DK^Slayer21Mid4/4260/2318154The Butterfly, Sange and Yasha, Black King Bar, Power Treads, Empty Bottle, Bracer15042:03
DK^Robben20Bot7/4101/416094Khadgar's Pipe of Insight, Kelen's Dagger, Perseverance, Power Treads, Magic Wand, Ring of Basilius132End
DK^BurNIng23Top8/5248/2322953Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse, Radiance, Hood of Defiance, Power Treads, Magic Wand, Ring of Basilius149End
DK^KingJ16Top2/543/012958Mekansm, Power Treads, Planeswalker's Cloak, Observer Wards, Observer Wards, Magic Stick159End

Detailed report for Sunny.seaking:
Skill build:
4.Enchant Totem3:41
6.Echo Slam10:17
11.Echo Slam27:31
12.Enchant Totem32:14
13.Enchant Totem34:50
14.Enchant Totem36:51
Item build:
Animal Courier-1:16170 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:0453 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:0453 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:0390 gold
Clarity Potion-1:0250 gold
Ring of Regeneration3:44350 gold
Sobi Mask3:44325 gold
Soul Ring3:46125 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation5:4690 gold
Boots of Speed9:30500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal10:57135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal10:59135 gold
Magic Stick12:45200 gold
Magic Wand12:46150 gold
Gauntlets of Strength12:49150 gold
Kelen's Dagger23:032150 gold
Scroll of Town Portal23:04135 gold
Bracer24:29190 gold
Circlet of Nobility24:30185 gold
Scroll of Town Portal24:31135 gold
Belt of Giant Strength26:15450 gold
Gloves of Haste29:04500 gold
Observer Wards29:07200 gold
Gem of True Sight33:26700 gold
Scroll of Town Portal33:29135 gold
Ogre Axe37:271000 gold

Detailed report for Sunny.kabu:
Skill build:
1.Frost Nova-0:28
2.Dark Ritual3:21
3.Frost Nova6:46
4.Frost Armor7:36
5.Frost Nova11:04
6.Chain Frost11:53
7.Frost Nova14:52
8.Dark Ritual16:28
9.Dark Ritual20:35
10.Frost Armor23:03
11.Chain Frost23:47
12.Frost Armor30:11
13.Frost Armor32:32
14.Dark Ritual33:04
Item build:
Observer Wards-1:19200 gold
Clarity Potion-1:1850 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:1790 gold
Healing Salve-1:17100 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1653 gold
Flying Courier2:23200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal3:07135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal6:01135 gold
Observer Wards6:49200 gold
Boots of Speed10:58500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal12:18135 gold
Gauntlets of Strength12:20150 gold
Circlet of Nobility12:20185 gold
Bracer12:23190 gold
Observer Wards14:00200 gold
Sentry Wards15:09200 gold
Circlet of Nobility17:37185 gold
Gauntlets of Strength17:37150 gold
Bracer17:37190 gold
Observer Wards20:36200 gold
Observer Wards21:55200 gold
Gloves of Haste24:00500 gold
Belt of Giant Strength24:00450 gold
Belt of Giant Strength24:11450 gold
Scroll of Town Portal24:13135 gold
Smoke of Deceit29:25100 gold
Scroll of Town Portal29:29135 gold
Ogre Axe33:071000 gold
Sange33:08700 gold
Observer Wards33:27200 gold

Detailed report for Sunny.Qucci:
Skill build:
1.Static Remnant-1:16
3.Electric Vortex1:36
4.Static Remnant2:28
5.Electric Vortex4:05
6.Ball Lightning5:00
7.Static Remnant6:47
8.Static Remnant7:16
9.Electric Vortex10:14
10.Electric Vortex12:49
11.Ball Lightning13:56
15.Attribute Bonus23:23
16.Ball Lightning26:15
17.Attribute Bonus29:03
18.Attribute Bonus30:17
19.Attribute Bonus33:46
20.Attribute Bonus36:25
21.Attribute Bonus38:13
Item build:
Ironwood Branch-1:2553 gold
Mantle of Intelligence-1:23150 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:2290 gold
Healing Salve-1:21100 gold
Healing Salve-1:20100 gold
Empty Bottle2:37600 gold
Boots of Speed4:36500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal5:48135 gold
Gloves of Haste8:03500 gold
Robe of the Magi8:04450 gold
Scroll of Town Portal8:08135 gold
Magic Stick10:02200 gold
Magic Wand10:03150 gold
Clarity Potion10:0450 gold
Staff of Wizardry12:191000 gold
Circlet of Nobility15:03185 gold
Null Talisman15:04170 gold
Dagon15:501300 gold
Scroll of Town Portal15:58135 gold
Clarity Potion17:1550 gold
Scroll of Town Portal18:18135 gold
Ultimate Orb20:542100 gold
Scroll of Town Portal24:16135 gold
Mystic Staff27:582700 gold
Void Stone28:15875 gold
Scroll of Town Portal29:06135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal29:08135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal29:16135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal33:50135 gold

Detailed report for Sunny_XB:
Skill build:
11.Focus Fire15:19
14.Focus Fire22:45
15.Attribute Bonus26:28
16.Focus Fire29:41
17.Attribute Bonus32:44
18.Attribute Bonus34:34
Item build:
Ironwood Branch-1:1153 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1053 gold
Magic Stick-1:09200 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:0290 gold
Boots of Speed2:26500 gold
Blades of Attack6:18450 gold
Blades of Attack6:19450 gold
Scroll of Town Portal7:51135 gold
Ironwood Branch7:5253 gold
Magic Wand7:53150 gold
Ironwood Branch7:5553 gold
Scroll of Town Portal10:39135 gold
Sobi Mask11:38325 gold
Ring of Protection11:38175 gold
Staff of Wizardry13:181000 gold
Scroll of Town Portal13:19135 gold
Quarterstaff15:24900 gold
Force Staff16:47300 gold
Scroll of Town Portal16:50135 gold
Gem of True Sight17:45700 gold
Healing Salve20:13100 gold
Scroll of Town Portal21:06135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal21:17135 gold
Ultimate Orb23:582100 gold
Scroll of Town Portal24:03135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal24:06135 gold
Void Stone27:23875 gold
Mystic Staff32:592700 gold
Scroll of Town Portal33:28135 gold
Clarity Potion37:0350 gold
Ring of Health39:19875 gold

Detailed report for Sunny.haAaDes:
Skill build:
1.Soul Assumption-1:02
2.Gravekeeper's Cloak1:21
3.Soul Assumption3:32
4.Grave Chill3:59
5.Soul Assumption5:34
7.Soul Assumption10:04
8.Gravekeeper's Cloak14:01
9.Gravekeeper's Cloak16:47
10.Gravekeeper's Cloak21:15
12.Grave Chill29:09
13.Grave Chill31:32
14.Grave Chill33:35
15.Attribute Bonus37:45
Item build:
Ring of Protection-1:17175 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:1790 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1553 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1553 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:1390 gold
Clarity Potion-1:1150 gold
Scroll of Town Portal3:20135 gold
Sobi Mask4:05325 gold
Magic Stick4:05200 gold
Boots of Speed5:51500 gold
Ironwood Branch7:4553 gold
Magic Wand7:47150 gold
Scroll of Town Portal8:41135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal10:41135 gold
Gloves of Haste12:00500 gold
Belt of Giant Strength14:31450 gold
Mekansm16:54900 gold
Ring of Regeneration17:49350 gold
Headdress of Rejuvenation18:54200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal20:29135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal20:35135 gold
Nathrezim Buckler21:26200 gold
Ironwood Branch21:5653 gold
Ironwood Branch22:3053 gold
Chainmail23:45550 gold
Healing Salve23:54100 gold
Scroll of Town Portal26:42135 gold
Planeswalker's Cloak28:58550 gold
Scroll of Town Portal29:00135 gold
Helm of Iron Will31:37950 gold
Ring of Regeneration32:37350 gold
Ring of Regeneration34:26350 gold
Scroll of Town Portal37:13135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal37:14135 gold

Detailed report for DK^ReBorn.:
Skill build:
1.Paralyzing Cask-1:08
2.Voodoo Restoration2:44
4.Paralyzing Cask7:28
6.Death Ward16:08
7.Paralyzing Cask19:28
10.Paralyzing Cask29:25
11.Death Ward34:14
12.Voodoo Restoration36:14
13.Voodoo Restoration39:14
14.Voodoo Restoration40:14
Item build:
Animal Courier-1:17170 gold
Smoke of Deceit-1:05100 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:0353 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:0253 gold
Healing Salve-1:00100 gold
Clarity Potion-0:5850 gold
Flying Courier1:30200 gold
Boots of Speed3:22500 gold
Magic Stick6:06200 gold
Magic Wand6:07150 gold
Scroll of Town Portal7:29135 gold
Observer Wards7:31200 gold
Smoke of Deceit9:34100 gold
Ironwood Branch9:3753 gold
Gauntlets of Strength9:37150 gold
Circlet of Nobility10:44185 gold
Bracer10:44190 gold
Scroll of Town Portal13:03135 gold
Observer Wards13:14200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal16:59135 gold
Sentry Wards17:09200 gold
Belt of Giant Strength20:08450 gold
Scroll of Town Portal20:08135 gold
Observer Wards21:23200 gold
Ironwood Branch24:0153 gold
Gloves of Haste26:02500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal26:11135 gold
Robe of the Magi27:36450 gold
Ancient Janggo of Endurance32:42750 gold
Planeswalker's Cloak34:47550 gold
Gauntlets of Strength37:54150 gold
Gauntlets of Strength37:56150 gold
Sobi Mask37:57325 gold
Urn of Shadows37:58250 gold
Clarity Potion40:1550 gold

Detailed report for DK^Slayer:
Skill build:
9.Requiem of Souls9:32
10.Presence of the Dark Lord10:37
11.Requiem of Souls13:44
12.Presence of the Dark Lord16:16
13.Presence of the Dark Lord18:14
14.Presence of the Dark Lord20:11
15.Attribute Bonus22:52
16.Requiem of Souls25:31
17.Attribute Bonus28:40
18.Attribute Bonus35:36
19.Attribute Bonus36:12
20.Attribute Bonus39:39
21.Attribute Bonus40:21
Item build:
Circlet of Nobility-1:12185 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1253 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1153 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:1090 gold
Healing Salve-1:09100 gold
Magic Stick1:36200 gold
Magic Wand1:37150 gold
Empty Bottle3:59600 gold
Boots of Speed5:46500 gold
Gauntlets of Strength5:48150 gold
Scroll of Town Portal5:48135 gold
Bracer7:16190 gold
Scroll of Town Portal8:30135 gold
Belt of Giant Strength8:32450 gold
Gloves of Haste9:15500 gold
Clarity Potion9:1650 gold
Scroll of Town Portal10:25135 gold
Ogre Axe10:431000 gold
Mithril Hammer14:211600 gold
Black King Bar17:511300 gold
Blade of Alacrity21:011000 gold
Boots of Elvenskin21:01450 gold
Yasha21:02700 gold
Scroll of Town Portal23:46135 gold
Ogre Axe24:061000 gold
Belt of Giant Strength24:06450 gold
Sange24:08700 gold
Eaglehorn28:063300 gold
Talisman of Evasion36:131800 gold
Quarterstaff37:30900 gold
Scroll of Town Portal37:40135 gold

Detailed report for DK^Robben:
Skill build:
1.Sticky Napalm0:08
3.Sticky Napalm1:52
6.Flaming Lasso6:46
8.Sticky Napalm10:07
9.Sticky Napalm11:04
11.Flaming Lasso18:35
15.Attribute Bonus28:59
16.Flaming Lasso33:35
17.Attribute Bonus36:58
18.Attribute Bonus39:50
19.Attribute Bonus40:48
20.Attribute Bonus41:44
Item build:
Ring of Protection-1:03175 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:0253 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:0253 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-0:5890 gold
Healing Salve-0:55100 gold
Sobi Mask1:58325 gold
Boots of Speed3:36500 gold
Healing Salve4:39100 gold
Healing Salve4:49100 gold
Ring of Health7:56875 gold
Scroll of Town Portal9:38135 gold
Ironwood Branch13:1153 gold
Magic Stick13:13200 gold
Magic Wand13:14150 gold
Scroll of Town Portal13:15135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal13:52135 gold
Planeswalker's Cloak17:51550 gold
Ring of Regeneration17:52350 gold
Ring of Regeneration17:55350 gold
Kelen's Dagger22:392150 gold
Scroll of Town Portal22:40135 gold
Khadgar's Pipe of Insight28:05900 gold
Ring of Regeneration28:06350 gold
Ironwood Branch28:0853 gold
Headdress of Rejuvenation28:43200 gold
Gloves of Haste33:37500 gold
Belt of Giant Strength33:38450 gold
Void Stone37:36875 gold
Scroll of Town Portal37:53135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal38:06135 gold
Ring of Health39:22875 gold

Detailed report for DK^BurNIng:
Skill build:
2.Geminate Attack1:08
4.The Swarm2:41
6.Time Lapse5:27
7.The Swarm6:36
8.The Swarm7:44
9.The Swarm10:12
11.Time Lapse15:16
12.Geminate Attack17:07
13.Geminate Attack19:23
14.Geminate Attack23:51
15.Attribute Bonus25:15
16.Time Lapse27:16
17.Attribute Bonus29:36
18.Attribute Bonus31:57
19.Attribute Bonus36:06
20.Attribute Bonus37:48
21.Attribute Bonus40:13
22.Attribute Bonus40:49
23.Attribute Bonus41:50
Item build:
Ring of Protection-0:59175 gold
Ironwood Branch-0:5853 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-0:5890 gold
Healing Salve-0:57100 gold
Ironwood Branch-0:5153 gold
Sobi Mask1:42325 gold
Healing Salve1:42100 gold
Magic Stick2:31200 gold
Ironwood Branch5:5553 gold
Magic Wand5:56150 gold
Boots of Speed5:57500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal6:00135 gold
Healing Salve6:03100 gold
Slippers of Agility6:06150 gold
Circlet of Nobility6:06185 gold
Wraith Band6:08150 gold
Gloves of Haste7:49500 gold
Belt of Giant Strength7:50450 gold
Sacred Relic16:463800 gold
Radiance19:291350 gold
Scroll of Town Portal19:30135 gold
Planeswalker's Cloak22:19550 gold
Clarity Potion26:1250 gold
Ring of Regeneration26:13350 gold
Ring of Regeneration26:15350 gold
Ring of Health26:49875 gold
Scroll of Town Portal27:46135 gold
Ultimate Orb29:252100 gold
Scroll of Town Portal35:10135 gold
Mystic Staff38:132700 gold
Void Stone38:13875 gold
Scroll of Town Portal38:15135 gold

Detailed report for DK^KingJ:
Skill build:
1.Venomous Gale-1:23
2.Plague Ward2:21
3.Plague Ward3:25
4.Poison Sting6:01
5.Plague Ward8:52
6.Poison Nova10:03
7.Plague Ward14:22
8.Poison Sting18:36
9.Poison Sting20:04
10.Poison Sting24:40
11.Poison Nova30:15
12.Venomous Gale32:17
13.Venomous Gale37:02
14.Venomous Gale39:00
15.Attribute Bonus39:52
16.Poison Nova41:34
Item build:
Observer Wards-1:17200 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:1690 gold
Healing Salve-1:15100 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1453 gold
Healing Salve-1:12100 gold
Scroll of Town Portal3:27135 gold
Observer Wards3:27200 gold
Clarity Potion3:2850 gold
Clarity Potion3:2950 gold
Clarity Potion3:3850 gold
Boots of Speed9:30500 gold
Magic Stick9:31200 gold
Gloves of Haste11:22500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal11:25135 gold
Ironwood Branch11:2753 gold
Magic Wand11:28150 gold
Healing Salve11:29100 gold
Belt of Giant Strength15:10450 gold
Ironwood Branch17:0853 gold
Ring of Regeneration21:16350 gold
Headdress of Rejuvenation21:20200 gold
Planeswalker's Cloak21:26550 gold
Scroll of Town Portal23:06135 gold
Ironwood Branch28:0753 gold
Chainmail28:08550 gold
Nathrezim Buckler28:09200 gold
Observer Wards29:42200 gold
Observer Wards29:44200 gold
Mekansm33:23900 gold
Scroll of Town Portal33:31135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal33:35135 gold
Observer Wards36:49200 gold