Virus vs Fearz (PL XIV)

Date:24/01/2011 04:19
Patch version:1.24
Map:DotA 6.69b
Game name:![Dota-League] Virus vs. Fearz
Game mode:-cm
Host name:Waaagh!TV
Replay saver:KongoTime
Game length:44:20
Game score:29/14
FEARZ.bnzajajaj167/176/115892Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse, Aghanim's Scepter, Power Treads, Urn of Shadows, Planeswalker's Cloak, Magic Stick110End
FEARZ.Fishbone121/345/18362Vanguard, Power Treads, Planeswalker's Cloak, Flying Courier, Observer Wards, Observer Wards137End
RMx-158/748/69819Mekansm, Ultimate Orb, Power Treads, Dust of Appearance, Scroll of Town Portal, Scroll of Town Portal111End
FEARZ.Archi626154/1103/1513287Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse, Force Staff, Phase Boots, Null Talisman, Null Talisman, Magic Stick100End
FEARZ.Wall219/2206/2819394Satanic, Lothar's Edge, Crystalys, Hyperstone, Power Treads, Quelling Blade111End
V.769.Ksky114/633/86443Power Treads, Urn of Shadows, Bracer, Boots of Speed, Flying Courier, Magic Stick158End
Maldejambes101/925/53533Boots of Speed, Observer Wards, Observer Wards, Observer Wards, Sentry Wards, Observer Wards88End
100kpm152/5147/69580Lothar's Edge, Vanguard, Phase Boots, Bracer, Blades of Attack, Gauntlets of Strength104End
Little94Brother175/6189/359743Black King Bar, Kelen's Dagger, Power Treads, Empty Bottle, Wraith Band, Magic Stick13333:52
Amyga122/351/26053Vanguard, Phase Boots, Ring of Basilius, Robe of the Magi, Magic Stick, Dust of Appearance87End

Detailed report for FEARZ.bnzajajaj:
Skill build:
1.Force of Nature-1:25
4.Force of Nature5:46
6.Wrath of Nature8:05
10.Force of Nature18:09
11.Wrath of Nature18:59
12.Force of Nature22:17
15.Attribute Bonus29:40
16.Wrath of Nature33:10
Item build:
Sobi Mask-1:10325 gold
Clarity Potion-1:0850 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:0153 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:0053 gold
Gauntlets of Strength2:39150 gold
Gauntlets of Strength2:40150 gold
Urn of Shadows3:21250 gold
Magic Stick5:03200 gold
Boots of Speed8:47500 gold
Gloves of Haste9:53500 gold
Robe of the Magi9:53450 gold
Magic Wand13:04150 gold
Staff of Wizardry13:061000 gold
Point Booster14:451200 gold
Ogre Axe18:261000 gold
Blade of Alacrity20:041000 gold
Ultimate Orb23:292100 gold
Mystic Staff28:312700 gold
Void Stone30:34875 gold
Planeswalker's Cloak30:40500 gold

Detailed report for RMx-:
Skill build:
1.Dark Ritual-1:23
2.Frost Nova1:28
3.Frost Nova3:56
4.Dark Ritual4:59
5.Frost Nova7:10
6.Chain Frost10:22
7.Frost Nova12:05
8.Dark Ritual13:45
9.Dark Ritual15:12
10.Frost Armor17:29
11.Chain Frost20:04
12.Frost Armor23:17
13.Frost Armor28:12
14.Frost Armor33:53
15.Attribute Bonus33:53
Item build:
Boots of Speed-1:17500 gold
Healing Salve-1:14100 gold
Scroll of Town Portal2:25135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal7:54135 gold
Belt of Giant Strength7:55450 gold
Scroll of Town Portal9:47135 gold
Gloves of Haste9:50500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal11:34135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal11:36135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal13:22135 gold
Ring of Regeneration13:27350 gold
Chainmail15:02550 gold
Ironwood Branch15:0353 gold
Nathrezim Buckler15:08200 gold
Headdress of Rejuvenation15:55200 gold
Ironwood Branch15:5753 gold
Scroll of Town Portal17:37135 gold
Mekansm19:35900 gold
Scroll of Town Portal19:55135 gold
Ultimate Orb29:512100 gold
Scroll of Town Portal29:52135 gold
Dust of Appearance29:53180 gold
Scroll of Town Portal29:55135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal29:58135 gold

Detailed report for FEARZ.Archi626:
Skill build:
10.Focus Fire12:41
11.Focus Fire13:59
15.Attribute Bonus30:35
Item build:
Mantle of Intelligence-0:56150 gold
Ironwood Branch-0:5553 gold
Mantle of Intelligence-0:52150 gold
Healing Salve-0:50100 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-0:5090 gold
Circlet of Nobility5:09185 gold
Circlet of Nobility5:10185 gold
Null Talisman5:11170 gold
Null Talisman5:12170 gold
Boots of Speed5:13500 gold
Ironwood Branch7:1553 gold
Magic Stick7:16200 gold
Magic Wand7:17150 gold
Clarity Potion7:1850 gold
Blades of Attack9:14450 gold
Blades of Attack9:16450 gold
Clarity Potion9:1750 gold
Staff of Wizardry11:561000 gold
Scroll of Town Portal11:57135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal12:48135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal12:57135 gold
Quarterstaff15:36900 gold
Force Staff15:38300 gold
Scroll of Town Portal22:45135 gold
Mystic Staff22:492700 gold
Void Stone22:51875 gold
Ultimate Orb31:562100 gold

Detailed report for FEARZ.Fishbone:
Skill build:
2.Chakra Magic1:55
4.Chakra Magic5:07
5.Chakra Magic7:45
6.Spirit Form9:53
9.Chakra Magic21:40
10.Mana Leak25:41
11.Spirit Form28:11
12.Mana Leak34:13
Item build:
Animal Courier-1:23170 gold
Observer Wards-1:20200 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:1690 gold
Healing Salve-1:16100 gold
Flying Courier2:47200 gold
Boots of Speed6:15500 gold
Observer Wards7:54200 gold
Belt of Giant Strength10:01450 gold
Observer Wards11:18200 gold
Gloves of Haste13:02500 gold
Sentry Wards13:04200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal16:02135 gold
Observer Wards16:04200 gold
Ring of Health19:11875 gold
Scroll of Town Portal20:02135 gold
Stout Shield20:04250 gold
Observer Wards20:24200 gold
Vitality Booster23:321100 gold
Observer Wards26:13200 gold
Sentry Wards26:14200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal29:55135 gold
Planeswalker's Cloak30:24500 gold
Dust of Appearance30:55180 gold
Scroll of Town Portal32:02135 gold

Detailed report for FEARZ.Wall:
Skill build:
1.Dragon Tail0:05
2.Breathe Fire1:14
3.Breathe Fire2:26
4.Dragon Blood3:48
5.Breathe Fire5:05
6.Elder Dragon Form7:02
7.Breathe Fire8:57
8.Dragon Blood10:30
9.Dragon Blood12:27
10.Dragon Blood13:44
11.Dragon Tail14:55
12.Dragon Tail16:17
13.Dragon Tail18:58
14.Attribute Bonus21:07
15.Elder Dragon Form23:06
16.Elder Dragon Form25:43
17.Attribute Bonus28:42
18.Attribute Bonus29:13
19.Attribute Bonus29:39
20.Attribute Bonus32:39
21.Attribute Bonus33:46
Item build:
Quelling Blade-1:25225 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:2590 gold
Healing Salve-1:25100 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:2353 gold
Boots of Speed3:59500 gold
Gloves of Haste4:06500 gold
Belt of Giant Strength4:06450 gold
Healing Salve8:14100 gold
Quarterstaff9:13900 gold
Claymore9:131400 gold
Scroll of Town Portal11:13135 gold
Lothar's Edge11:531000 gold
Scroll of Town Portal13:00135 gold
Messerschmidt's Reaver17:523200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal18:10135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal18:12135 gold
Mask of Death21:46900 gold
Helm of Iron Will21:47950 gold
Satanic23:281100 gold
Scroll of Town Portal23:29135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal23:32135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal26:17135 gold
Hyperstone27:352100 gold
Blades of Attack30:21450 gold
Broadsword30:211200 gold
Crystalys30:22500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal31:30135 gold

Detailed report for Maldejambes:
Skill build:
1.Magic Missile-1:14
2.Wave of Terror1:55
3.Magic Missile3:04
4.Wave of Terror7:18
5.Magic Missile10:42
6.Nether Swap12:22
7.Magic Missile20:09
8.Wave of Terror26:29
9.Command Aura30:14
10.Wave of Terror30:17
Item build:
Observer Wards-1:23200 gold
Clarity Potion-1:2350 gold
Healing Salve-1:23100 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:2290 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:2053 gold
Boots of Speed3:48500 gold
Observer Wards5:28200 gold
Clarity Potion5:2850 gold
Scroll of Town Portal8:17135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal9:28135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal12:41135 gold
Observer Wards12:52200 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation15:5090 gold
Dust of Appearance18:22180 gold
Sentry Wards21:04200 gold
Ironwood Branch26:0553 gold
Observer Wards26:40200 gold
Magic Wand30:33150 gold
Magic Stick30:34200 gold
Dust of Appearance32:13180 gold
Scroll of Town Portal32:21135 gold

Detailed report for V.769.Ksky:
Skill build:
1.Paralyzing Cask-1:22
2.Voodoo Restoration1:50
3.Paralyzing Cask2:55
5.Paralyzing Cask6:40
6.Death Ward8:55
7.Paralyzing Cask16:31
8.Attribute Bonus19:22
Item build:
Animal Courier-1:18170 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:1190 gold
Healing Salve-1:10100 gold
Clarity Potion-1:0950 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:0753 gold
Flying Courier2:28200 gold
Boots of Speed3:48500 gold
Boots of Speed3:51500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal6:09135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal7:50135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal7:59135 gold
Magic Stick8:00200 gold
Magic Wand8:01150 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation8:0490 gold
Observer Wards11:19200 gold
Circlet of Nobility11:33185 gold
Scroll of Town Portal13:02135 gold
Gauntlets of Strength16:46150 gold
Bracer16:57190 gold
Belt of Giant Strength20:07450 gold
Observer Wards20:14200 gold
Gauntlets of Strength24:27150 gold
Gauntlets of Strength24:30150 gold
Gloves of Haste30:33500 gold
Sobi Mask30:37325 gold
Urn of Shadows30:38250 gold
Observer Wards30:40200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal32:08135 gold
Dust of Appearance32:10180 gold

Detailed report for Little94Brother:
Skill build:
9.Requiem of Souls10:00
10.Presence of the Dark Lord11:28
11.Requiem of Souls11:47
12.Presence of the Dark Lord13:22
13.Presence of the Dark Lord18:39
14.Presence of the Dark Lord19:35
15.Attribute Bonus21:53
16.Requiem of Souls24:10
17.Attribute Bonus30:51
Item build:
Circlet of Nobility-1:16185 gold
Slippers of Agility-1:15150 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1453 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1153 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:1090 gold
Wraith Band1:25150 gold
Empty Bottle3:19600 gold
Boots of Speed6:13500 gold
Magic Stick6:14200 gold
Magic Wand6:15150 gold
Gloves of Haste7:54500 gold
Belt of Giant Strength7:54450 gold
Ogre Axe10:021000 gold
Kelen's Dagger13:182150 gold
Scroll of Town Portal14:40135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal14:41135 gold
Mithril Hammer21:421600 gold
Black King Bar21:441300 gold
Sentry Wards24:20200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal30:52135 gold

Detailed report for 100kpm:
Skill build:
6.Ghost Ship7:36
10.X Marks The Spot15:43
11.Ghost Ship17:10
12.X Marks The Spot23:31
13.X Marks The Spot27:38
14.X Marks The Spot30:27
15.Attribute Bonus33:08
Item build:
Gauntlets of Strength-1:20150 gold
Gauntlets of Strength-1:18150 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:1790 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:1590 gold
Clarity Potion-1:1550 gold
Boots of Speed2:20500 gold
Ring of Health4:44875 gold
Blades of Attack7:50450 gold
Blades of Attack7:52450 gold
Claymore11:071400 gold
Scroll of Town Portal11:12135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal14:55135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal16:45135 gold
Quarterstaff16:46900 gold
Scroll of Town Portal19:37135 gold
Lothar's Edge23:281000 gold
Gauntlets of Strength25:36150 gold
Circlet of Nobility25:36185 gold
Bracer26:09190 gold
Stout Shield27:03250 gold
Vitality Booster30:331100 gold
Blades of Attack30:54450 gold

Detailed report for Amyga:
Skill build:
1.Rocket Flare-1:24
2.Battery Assault1:27
3.Rocket Flare5:36
4.Power Cog6:32
5.Rocket Flare9:10
7.Rocket Flare12:50
8.Battery Assault15:53
9.Battery Assault23:14
10.Battery Assault27:48
12.Power Cog30:20
Item build:
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:1490 gold
Clarity Potion-1:1350 gold
Healing Salve-1:13100 gold
Stout Shield-1:11250 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:0953 gold
Sobi Mask4:44325 gold
Ring of Protection4:45175 gold
Boots of Speed8:26500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal11:28135 gold
Blades of Attack13:49450 gold
Blades of Attack13:51450 gold
Dust of Appearance14:00180 gold
Magic Stick20:26200 gold
Ironwood Branch20:2853 gold
Magic Wand20:29150 gold
Vitality Booster24:241100 gold
Ring of Health30:51875 gold
Robe of the Magi31:08450 gold
Dust of Appearance32:05180 gold