Vanity vs Virus (Argh XIII)

Date:06/02/2011 07:27
Patch version:1.24
Map:DotA 6.69b
Game name:Virus.Hostbot P:| L:11
Game mode:-ap
Host name:Varlock
Replay saver:V.LuCiqNo.Ksky
Game length:56:44
Game score:34/26
eSuba|Tonicek177/431/412415Force Staff, Power Treads, Point Booster, Bracer, Bracer, Flying Courier167End
SGC.Warlog161/1060/09024Kelen's Dagger, Power Treads, Soul Ring, Bracer, Observer Wards, Scroll of Town Portal116End
SGC.Tulex1911/5130/116202Khadgar's Pipe of Insight, Mekansm, Ultimate Orb, Power Treads, Ring of Basilius, Magic Stick136End
craNich2410/3359/1631182The Butterfly, Manta Style, Ethereal Blade, Black King Bar, Power Treads, Empty Bottle128End
eSuba|Iacek203/4142/1518499Assault Cuirass, Mystic Staff, Vanguard, Kelen's Dagger, Power Treads, Empty Bottle119End
V.VT.Ksky173/714/18516Kelen's Dagger, Mithril Hammer, Power Treads, Ogre Axe, Animal Courier, Scroll of Town Portal104End
Maldejambes153/847/18408Power Treads, Ring of Basilius, Flying Courier, Observer Wards, Observer Wards, Magic Stick109End
Little94Brother238/6230/518799Assault Cuirass, Sange and Yasha, Hood of Defiance, Power Treads, Ring of Health, Magic Wand135End
eliyaaaaaaa248/4243/1326516Satanic, Buriza-do Kyanon, Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse, Monkey King Bar, Power Treads, Ogre Axe104End
V.769.Ksky174/9127/812367Aghanim's Scepter, Hood of Defiance, Power Treads, Plate Mail, Empty Bottle, Ring of Basilius180End

Detailed report for craNich:
Skill build:
9.Requiem of Souls10:20
10.Attribute Bonus12:36
11.Requiem of Souls14:41
12.Attribute Bonus15:45
13.Presence of the Dark Lord18:48
14.Presence of the Dark Lord21:43
15.Presence of the Dark Lord24:37
16.Requiem of Souls26:07
17.Presence of the Dark Lord28:33
18.Attribute Bonus31:44
19.Attribute Bonus32:30
20.Attribute Bonus36:18
21.Attribute Bonus39:22
22.Attribute Bonus41:50
23.Attribute Bonus42:48
24.Attribute Bonus46:54
Item build:
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:2690 gold
Healing Salve-1:25100 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:2453 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:2453 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:2353 gold
Empty Bottle2:56600 gold
Boots of Speed5:29500 gold
Gloves of Haste7:40500 gold
Belt of Giant Strength7:41450 gold
Scroll of Town Portal9:58135 gold
Magic Stick10:48200 gold
Magic Wand10:49150 gold
Ogre Axe10:491000 gold
Scroll of Town Portal12:52135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal12:54135 gold
Mithril Hammer17:471600 gold
Black King Bar17:491300 gold
Scroll of Town Portal19:32135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal21:06135 gold
Blade of Alacrity25:531000 gold
Boots of Elvenskin25:54450 gold
Yasha25:55700 gold
Scroll of Town Portal25:56135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal25:57135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal28:50135 gold
Ultimate Orb29:032100 gold
Manta Style30:18650 gold
Scroll of Town Portal31:24135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal31:25135 gold
Eaglehorn35:593300 gold
Scroll of Town Portal37:35135 gold
Ghost Scepter39:111600 gold
Scroll of Town Portal39:12135 gold
Eaglehorn42:533300 gold
Talisman of Evasion47:571800 gold
Quarterstaff47:58900 gold

Detailed report for eSuba|Tonicek:
Skill build:
1.Paralyzing Cask-1:17
2.Voodoo Restoration3:22
3.Paralyzing Cask4:58
5.Paralyzing Cask8:26
7.Paralyzing Cask12:57
10.Death Ward21:49
11.Attribute Bonus27:15
12.Attribute Bonus30:34
13.Attribute Bonus39:44
14.Attribute Bonus44:18
15.Attribute Bonus48:15
16.Attribute Bonus51:32
17.Death Ward53:30
Item build:
Clarity Potion-1:3850 gold
Healing Salve-1:38100 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:3890 gold
Animal Courier-1:37170 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:2953 gold
Flying Courier3:05200 gold
Observer Wards5:24200 gold
Magic Stick5:33200 gold
Boots of Speed9:31500 gold
Observer Wards9:56200 gold
Magic Wand14:53150 gold
Circlet of Nobility14:54185 gold
Circlet of Nobility14:56185 gold
Observer Wards14:57200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal15:04135 gold
Observer Wards17:36200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal17:37135 gold
Gauntlets of Strength17:40150 gold
Bracer17:41190 gold
Scroll of Town Portal18:51135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal20:45135 gold
Gauntlets of Strength21:45150 gold
Bracer21:45190 gold
Scroll of Town Portal26:32135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal26:33135 gold
Observer Wards26:34200 gold
Gloves of Haste29:52500 gold
Belt of Giant Strength29:53450 gold
Observer Wards31:54200 gold
Observer Wards35:52200 gold
Sentry Wards37:33200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal37:33135 gold
Staff of Wizardry42:091000 gold
Force Staff42:12300 gold
Scroll of Town Portal42:17135 gold
Sentry Wards43:25200 gold
Observer Wards45:01200 gold
Quarterstaff48:05900 gold
Observer Wards50:09200 gold
Point Booster52:441200 gold

Detailed report for SGC.Warlog:
Skill build:
4.Enchant Totem6:00
6.Echo Slam12:30
11.Echo Slam30:07
12.Enchant Totem35:15
13.Enchant Totem40:44
14.Enchant Totem45:03
15.Attribute Bonus48:01
16.Echo Slam53:30
Item build:
Observer Wards-1:32200 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:3290 gold
Healing Salve-1:30100 gold
Clarity Potion-1:3050 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:2853 gold
Sobi Mask5:29325 gold
Soul Ring5:47125 gold
Scroll of Town Portal5:58135 gold
Boots of Speed10:02500 gold
Ring of Regeneration12:04350 gold
Scroll of Town Portal12:36135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal14:00135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal15:05135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal17:13135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal17:54135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal19:31135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal21:36135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal21:38135 gold
Kelen's Dagger36:032150 gold
Robe of the Magi42:19450 gold
Gloves of Haste47:32500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal48:09135 gold
Circlet of Nobility52:25185 gold
Gauntlets of Strength52:25150 gold
Bracer52:26190 gold
Scroll of Town Portal54:18135 gold

Detailed report for SGC.Tulex:
Skill build:
1.Soul Assumption-1:43
2.Gravekeeper's Cloak1:47
3.Soul Assumption2:14
4.Gravekeeper's Cloak5:09
5.Soul Assumption6:32
7.Soul Assumption10:06
8.Grave Chill10:41
9.Gravekeeper's Cloak13:27
10.Gravekeeper's Cloak15:12
12.Grave Chill22:01
13.Grave Chill27:15
14.Grave Chill32:51
15.Attribute Bonus39:13
17.Attribute Bonus46:32
18.Attribute Bonus51:35
19.Attribute Bonus53:33
Item build:
Ring of Protection-1:41175 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:3953 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:3653 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:3590 gold
Sobi Mask1:27325 gold
Ring of Regeneration5:25350 gold
Headdress of Rejuvenation5:27200 gold
Healing Salve5:30100 gold
Boots of Speed6:18500 gold
Robe of the Magi7:26450 gold
Gloves of Haste7:26500 gold
Magic Stick11:24200 gold
Magic Wand11:25150 gold
Chainmail11:27550 gold
Ironwood Branch11:2753 gold
Nathrezim Buckler11:29200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal11:30135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal13:26135 gold
Mekansm15:50900 gold
Planeswalker's Cloak16:56500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal16:57135 gold
Ring of Health18:42875 gold
Ring of Regeneration20:19350 gold
Ring of Regeneration20:21350 gold
Scroll of Town Portal20:22135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal21:59135 gold
Ring of Regeneration27:56350 gold
Ironwood Branch27:5753 gold
Headdress of Rejuvenation27:59200 gold
Khadgar's Pipe of Insight28:021000 gold
Scroll of Town Portal28:02135 gold
Ultimate Orb50:092100 gold

Detailed report for eSuba|Iacek:
Skill build:
2.Scorched Earth1:14
3.Scorched Earth1:38
5.LVL? Death3:48
7.LVL? Death7:52
8.LVL? Death9:16
9.LVL? Death13:58
12.Scorched Earth22:06
13.Scorched Earth26:08
15.Attribute Bonus34:48
17.Attribute Bonus40:59
18.Attribute Bonus44:17
19.Attribute Bonus49:34
20.Attribute Bonus51:34
Item build:
Stout Shield-1:23250 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1953 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1853 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:1290 gold
Healing Salve-1:12100 gold
Boots of Speed3:49500 gold
Sobi Mask3:56325 gold
Ring of Protection4:23175 gold
Scroll of Town Portal6:45135 gold
Ring of Health8:25875 gold
Scroll of Town Portal8:27135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal12:05135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal14:04135 gold
Vitality Booster14:431100 gold
Scroll of Town Portal15:46135 gold
Empty Bottle17:21600 gold
Belt of Giant Strength18:31450 gold
Scroll of Town Portal18:33135 gold
Gloves of Haste18:43500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal22:09135 gold
Chainmail22:12550 gold
Plate Mail26:471400 gold
Hyperstone33:402100 gold
Assault Cuirass36:301500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal37:13135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal37:14135 gold
Kelen's Dagger42:022150 gold
Scroll of Town Portal42:45135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal44:00135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal47:41135 gold
Mystic Staff52:432700 gold

Detailed report for V.VT.Ksky:
Skill build:
1.Storm Bolt-1:43
3.Storm Bolt3:52
4.Attribute Bonus6:21
5.Storm Bolt10:06
6.God's Strength12:10
7.Storm Bolt16:28
8.Attribute Bonus17:06
9.Attribute Bonus20:04
10.Attribute Bonus21:15
11.God's Strength22:02
12.Attribute Bonus25:55
16.God's Strength48:09
17.Great Cleave52:41
Item build:
Ironwood Branch-1:4253 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:4190 gold
Healing Salve-1:40100 gold
Clarity Potion-1:3950 gold
Healing Salve-1:39100 gold
Animal Courier-1:37170 gold
Boots of Speed5:09500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal7:02135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal10:01135 gold
Belt of Giant Strength11:38450 gold
Scroll of Town Portal14:20135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal15:50135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal17:10135 gold
Gloves of Haste23:20500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal23:21135 gold
Kelen's Dagger27:402150 gold
Scroll of Town Portal32:06135 gold
Ogre Axe39:481000 gold
Mithril Hammer46:341600 gold
Scroll of Town Portal47:04135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal52:36135 gold

Detailed report for eliyaaaaaaa:
Skill build:
Item build:
Boots of Speed-1:42500 gold
Healing Salve-1:41100 gold
Mask of Death3:01900 gold
Gloves of Haste4:25500 gold
Robe of the Magi5:28450 gold
Helm of Iron Will7:42950 gold
Demon Edge11:362400 gold
Scroll of Town Portal11:50135 gold
Blades of Attack13:24450 gold
Scroll of Town Portal13:25135 gold
Broadsword17:331200 gold
Buriza-do Kyanon19:541200 gold
Crystalys20:18500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal24:44135 gold
Messerschmidt's Reaver28:093200 gold
Satanic30:061100 gold
Demon Edge34:192400 gold
Javelin36:521500 gold
Javelin38:291500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal38:42135 gold
Ultimate Orb42:172100 gold
Mystic Staff49:092700 gold
Void Stone49:11875 gold
Ogre Axe51:361000 gold

Detailed report for Maldejambes:
Skill build:
1.Venomous Gale-1:32
2.Plague Ward2:16
3.Plague Ward5:14
4.Venomous Gale8:48
5.Plague Ward12:48
6.Poison Nova14:37
7.Plague Ward16:28
8.Venomous Gale19:50
9.Venomous Gale21:50
10.Poison Sting26:25
11.Poison Nova30:02
12.Poison Sting37:17
13.Poison Sting43:03
14.Poison Sting47:42
15.Attribute Bonus53:21
Item build:
Observer Wards-1:39200 gold
Clarity Potion-1:3950 gold
Healing Salve-1:38100 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:3790 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:3553 gold
Flying Courier2:59200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal3:50135 gold
Clarity Potion3:5250 gold
Boots of Speed6:48500 gold
Observer Wards9:48200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal11:00135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal12:15135 gold
Healing Salve12:28100 gold
Magic Stick14:28200 gold
Clarity Potion14:3050 gold
Scroll of Town Portal14:31135 gold
Ironwood Branch16:0353 gold
Magic Wand16:04150 gold
Healing Salve16:06100 gold
Clarity Potion16:0750 gold
Scroll of Town Portal18:44135 gold
Observer Wards21:31200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal21:33135 gold
Healing Salve21:33100 gold
Observer Wards22:35200 gold
Sentry Wards22:38200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal22:39135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal26:04135 gold
Sobi Mask26:06325 gold
Animal Courier27:46170 gold
Flying Courier27:48200 gold
Observer Wards27:51200 gold
Healing Salve27:52100 gold
Sentry Wards31:10200 gold
Healing Salve31:10100 gold
Ring of Protection33:10175 gold
Observer Wards35:21200 gold
Belt of Giant Strength37:54450 gold
Healing Salve41:37100 gold
Observer Wards43:15200 gold
Gloves of Haste44:39500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal44:42135 gold
Observer Wards45:58200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal46:27135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal50:20135 gold
Healing Salve51:36100 gold
Scroll of Town Portal51:36135 gold
Observer Wards52:37200 gold

Detailed report for Little94Brother:
Skill build:
1.Plasma Field-1:42
2.Unstable Current1:12
3.Plasma Field2:02
4.Unstable Current2:39
5.Plasma Field4:14
6.Eye of the Storm5:19
7.Plasma Field7:49
8.Static Link11:21
9.Unstable Current13:17
10.Unstable Current17:35
11.Eye of the Storm19:11
12.Static Link21:12
13.Static Link21:12
14.Static Link26:39
15.Attribute Bonus28:54
16.Eye of the Storm32:08
17.Attribute Bonus33:49
18.Attribute Bonus36:40
19.Attribute Bonus39:52
20.Attribute Bonus42:44
21.Attribute Bonus46:55
22.Attribute Bonus50:17
23.Attribute Bonus53:28
Item build:
Ring of Protection-1:21175 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1953 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1953 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1853 gold
Ironwood Branch-1:1853 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:1790 gold
Sobi Mask1:43325 gold
Magic Stick4:34200 gold
Magic Wand4:35150 gold
Boots of Speed9:23500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal11:11135 gold
Belt of Giant Strength11:13450 gold
Gloves of Haste12:44500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal13:47135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal14:24135 gold
Circlet of Nobility14:36185 gold
Circlet of Nobility16:28185 gold
Scroll of Town Portal16:31135 gold
Ring of Health19:21875 gold
Ring of Health22:06875 gold
Ring of Regeneration22:08350 gold
Ring of Regeneration22:09350 gold
Planeswalker's Cloak22:19500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal23:41135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal26:43135 gold
Ogre Axe28:421000 gold
Sange32:39700 gold
Belt of Giant Strength33:07450 gold
Scroll of Town Portal34:22135 gold
Blade of Alacrity35:181000 gold
Yasha36:13700 gold
Boots of Elvenskin36:59450 gold
Scroll of Town Portal40:32135 gold
Plate Mail40:391400 gold
Scroll of Town Portal42:11135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal43:01135 gold
Chainmail47:47550 gold
Assault Cuirass47:481500 gold
Hyperstone48:372100 gold

Detailed report for V.769.Ksky:
Skill build:
1.Rocket Flare-1:43
2.Battery Assault1:01
3.Rocket Flare1:58
4.Power Cog2:55
5.Rocket Flare3:46
7.Rocket Flare7:04
8.Battery Assault9:54
9.Battery Assault12:06
10.Battery Assault17:25
12.Power Cog21:53
13.Power Cog28:42
14.Power Cog33:36
15.Attribute Bonus37:25
17.Attribute Bonus45:54
Item build:
Sobi Mask-1:03325 gold
Ring of Protection-1:02175 gold
Ancient Tango of Essifation-1:0090 gold
Stout Shield2:17250 gold
Boots of Speed3:06500 gold
Empty Bottle5:27600 gold
Gloves of Haste7:08500 gold
Belt of Giant Strength7:08450 gold
Ring of Regeneration10:07350 gold
Ring of Regeneration10:08350 gold
Scroll of Town Portal13:26135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal14:35135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal21:06135 gold
Ring of Health21:59875 gold
Planeswalker's Cloak22:01500 gold
Scroll of Town Portal22:03135 gold
Scroll of Town Portal22:05135 gold
Point Booster29:231200 gold
Scroll of Town Portal32:40135 gold
Ogre Axe34:401000 gold
Staff of Wizardry37:181000 gold
Blade of Alacrity40:161000 gold
Plate Mail49:311400 gold